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Sum    tink    bout    me

Hello! Hi my name is Cassandra. IM 16 as of September 13. This is my first site! I will be working on it all the time so PLEASE come back!!! I have over 2000 glow in the dark stars on my walls and floor. And my favorite band is Lush and they will always be!I saw LUSH twice and it was SOO COOL! So I am Kinda Dedicating my SITE to them!! I have 4 albums (Gala, Spooky, Spilt, and LoveLife) and 3 single (500, I have the Moon & 500 I'd like to walk around in your mind, & Scar.). I don't have a favorite song (they have soo many to choose from). I love music and i TRY to play Soccer. Sign my guest book on yer way out! thanx for commin! laterz

Little    bit    bout    LUSH!

Before Miki was the singer for lush, Muriel Barham was one the first demo. Then Miki came into the picture. The band Lush started in 1989. With Miki, Emma, Chris, and Steven. They played at a lot of clubs where 4AD Helped Lush make their first single (SCAR). Some where between there, Steven left the band (I don't know why) and thats when Phil King came into Lush. They were so successful that they made other albums. Such as Gala, Spooky, Split, and Lovelife. I don't know that much so if you know anything important please write me and I will put it in. Its sad that LUSH had to break up in November 1997 over Chris Acland death in Oct. 1996. But they are and will always be the BEST BAND!

Lush    is:

Miki Berenyi: Vocals, Guitars
Emma Anderson: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Chris Acland: Drums
Philip King: Bass


O Dr Nut O YOU are the BEST!!, Speed12asr, Spliff804, Ajpdana, Kidrock616, Angel31306, C79helium, Natec216, XBESTDAYSX